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Anqing City Hongtai New Materials Co., Ltd. Safety Facilities Completion Acceptance Safety Evaluation Conference Held


  At 15:30 on June 19, 2019, the safety evaluation meeting for the safety acceptance of the 50,000-ton environmentally friendly polyamide resin project of Anqing Hongtai New Materials Co., Ltd. was held in the company's new factory. The meeting mainly reported the safety production situation and the use of safety facilities since the trial production of polyamide resin, dimer acid and other products; each construction unit, installation unit and supervision unit also reported on their respective work; Experts conducted on-site inspections on the installation and use of various safety facilities in the plant.

  At 17:30, the meeting was successfully completed as expected, and the company successfully passed the completion and acceptance of the safety facilities.

  Attached meeting chart: